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Sensitive Skin

With Mask Acne or 'Maskne' becoming a more pressing matter our masks offer a solution to this issue. Mask Acne occurs as a result of humidity due to breathing and friction from moving around and going about our daily lives. Our masks eliminate the hot and moist environment which is needed for bacteria to grow as linen is a natural thermoregulator so your mask ensures that you stay cool even in humid conditions. As well as this our masks are soft on the skin and are hypoallergenic.


Sustainability is at the core of our business. It is for this reason that we sell ethical, vegan, cruelty free linen masks that can be washed 80 times. The linen in these masks has been grown without the use of pesticides. Our masks are natural and perfect as a gift for someone who is conscious of the environment or stewardship. 

How to measure a mask that's perfect for you

With a measuring tape, measure the distance across the middle of your face over the tip of your nose and stop within 2 cm of each ear to get the width. Then measure the distance between the bridge of your nose and the point of your chin to get the length. 

Our sizing:

Small Mask: 26cm wide x 13cm length

Medium Mask: 27cm wide x 14cm length

Large Mask: 29cm wide x 14.5cm length

Selected as one of the best Irish Face Masks to buy

We are delighted to announce that our 100% Linen Face Masks were selected by the Gloss Magazine as one of the best Irish Face masks to buy.

We are delighted with this commendation as we have worked so hard to make our masks as breathable, comfortable and stylish as possible.

Reviews from our amazing customers

I wear this mask to work it is so comfortable and the straps make sure the mask doesn't slip. Perfect for people who are active throughout the day.

Caoimhe W.

Really recommend if you have to wear for a long period of time as they are comfortable, don't suck in when you breathe and stay cool. They also fit really nicely and look smart. 

Sínead C.

I'm in love with my Linen face mask. So breathable and drys so quickly. Ideal for me as a mom on the go. 

Natasha Q.

These really are one of the best fitting masks I've had so far and the packaging was lovely! 

Edel H.

I got linen face coverings for my secondary schooler. Report is an A+, very comfortable, great fit, able to talk without it moving around and no sore ears as the band goes around the back of the head. Wash well too! An excellent product backed up with great service.

Sarah K.