Can Facemasks be more effective than a vaccine?

With covid-19 spread on the rise and increase in restrictions imminent. It is important that we all play our part in controlling the spread of this virus. According to Dr Robert Redfield (Head of US CDC) 'Face coverings are the most powerful public health tool against the virus, they may even be more effective than a vaccine.'

In light of this information, many people will be on the look out for masks. According to Prof Ronan Cahill (Mater hospital research team), 'Masks aren't balloons and they do let some gas pass through them. The important thing is that they're cleaning that breath of droplets.  So you need to make sure you mask fits around the sides and edges.'. Nugent Linen masks come in a variety of sizes which are illustrated on our website. As well as that, our masks are highly breathable, making them the perfect choice for you face mask needs. Our head straps insure that the masks fit snugly 'around the sides and edges' of your face.

Questions have been raised about the effectiveness of plastic visors, with Prof Cahill saying that "with the visor an awful lot of the breath is diverted downwards unfiltered and that's important for people to know.' So, when making the decision about what face mask to buy, keep in mind that Nugent Linen masks are breathable, durable, antimicrobial, hypoallergenic and sustainable. If you're investing in a mask, you should make it a mask you'll enjoy wearing so you can be safe and stylish at the same time.


Stay safe and stylish,

The Nugent Family