For The Love of Linen ❤️

For the Love of Linen

Linen -virtuous by nature

by Kate Nugent @nugentlinen


The tall flax plant draws little from the earth often growing in poor soil , needing no irrigation and then boasting a fabulous gentle cornflour blue flower that fills the fields of Belarus every July and August. It is a sturdy resilient plant and this quality is reflected in its durability as an heirloom fabric. When harvested the stems are sun dried which gives them the natural grey colour. It is a living breathing fibre. Its’ health benefits are well documented and its entire journey from the time the seed is placed into the ground to the finished yarn is a healthy, happy natural and sustainable journey. Every part of the flax plant is utilised and the versatility of its fibres make it suitable for upholstery, fine art canvasses or an exquisite classic white shirt. It’s versatility and breathability make it the fabric for all seasons. With no exaggeration this living fabric gets softer and drapes even more eloquently with age.