Designer Grant Scheme


                     This unique opportunity provides the support that you require to bring your idea from concept to finished design! We can provide all the knowledge, technical support and advice that you require from choosing the optimum fabric composition for your product to naturally colouring, designing, texturing and finishing of the most luxurious fabric / product for you in conjunction with our expert team.



Fabric Available in:

  1. Roll Size: 150 – 260 cm
  2. Fabric Density: 80-500 gr
  3. Composition:
                a) 100% Flax Linen
                b) Linen/Cotton Mix
                c) Flax Linen / Viscose Mix
                d) Recycled Fiber and or Fiber Cotonization - for extra fine finish 

    Information required:

    Firstly Please complete the application form. Press here to Download Application Form. Please scan the completed form and email to


    No.1 Provide Concept

    eg.image, link, drawing etc with sizing requirements

    Some ideas (click on the image below):


    No.2 Choose Basement fabric weave design

    Fabric Types Guide in roll sizes and densities:

    1. Fabric for Bedlinen: roll width 150-260 cm, density 150-195 gr.
    2. Fabric for Table Linen: roll width 150,180 and 220, density 210-270 gr.
    3. Linen Canvas: roll width 175,220 cm, density 230 gr.
    4. Decorative Fabric for light curtains / voile / internal and external use: roll width 150,160,205,230,260 cm, density 90-140 gr.
    5. Decorative Fabric for heavy curtains / voile / internal and external use: roll width 100,140,150,160 cm, density 145-490 gr.
    6. Upholstery Fabric: roll width 140-160 cm, density 295-500 gr.
    7. Fabric for all Towels (Fabric saving - laser technology predicts fabric width and length to avoid waste) this process is achieved by surface laser etching on the surface of the fabric denoting the cutting edge) up to 4 yarns can be used here: roll width 150,220 cm, density 175-300 gr.
    8. Clothing fabric: roll width 140-150 cm, density 125-300 gr.
    9. Fabric for Packaging: roll width 110 cm, density 145,225,265 gr.
    10. Fabric for Lining: roll width 160,210 cm, density 225 gr.


           Optical white fabric requires an individual process

           so this option needs to be specified if required.

            Press here for Basement fabric






      Types of weave for fabric production:

      1. Plain weave - forms a strong durable and versatile cloth (warp and weft are interlaced in a basic criss cross pattern)
      2. Satin weave / Atlas weave - a smooth silky glossy surface and a matte reverse
      3. Twill weave - Diagonal lines or ridges on both sides
      4. Jacquard - small and large pattern design
      5. Waffle - new generation for added lightness and extra softness
      6. Multilayer - new generation for added lightness and extra softness
      7. Melange - to create a unique effect. Yarn colour changes in light - lifelike fabric


      No.3 - Colouring

      Provide colouring process:  

      3.1) Fibre colouring                   3.2) Fabric colouring                     3.3) Product colouring***

      *** This is especially required for an extra soft, luxurious fabric finish for example - baby products
      or fabric suitable for fragile or sensitive skin. This finish feels like a "second-skin".   


               TCH Pantone Standard Format is
               based  on cotton fabric colour
               TPG (previously TPX) Pantone
               Standard Format is based on paper


               TCH Pantone press here


      No.4 - Jacquard

      Provide your idea of jacquard weave

      • Coupon Jacquard
      • Select natural grey or white basement colour
      • Select thread colours
      • Our Jacquard Dessinateur will design the individual software programme for you


      No.5 - Finding the exact size and width of roll to minimise wastage

      Please provide all the information for pattern design preparation including: 

      5.1 Product sizing

      5.2 Hem Sizing
      a) Standard - 0.7 cm - snail
      b) Euro Size 2-4 cm 
      c) Hemstitch:

      5.3 Labelling

      5.3.1 Description - size and placement

      Provide image / mock-up of sample indicating text font, size and colour.

      5.4 Types of final finishing
      a) shrunk wash
      b) stone wash

      These finishes are available for fabric or individual product / garment.

      5.5 Specific Criteria

      - stripe effect
      - colour effect
      - honeycomb/ waffle etc.
             - insertion of logo or insignia etc



      When discussions are complete, a prototype of the product made from similar fabric is produced for approval. Once the fabric is weaved a sample of this fabric is forwarded for approval. Any changes or additions can be made at this stage.Once product and fabric are approved, manufacturing and shipping is organised.


      Press here for Sewing facility


      No.6 - Print/ Embroidery Finish

      1. Emblem / logo embroidered or digitally printed on the fabric or garment using.

      High-Definition digital printing on fabric:

      • RGB colour space mode
      • Resolution 600 + pixels / inch
      • T.I.F. Format without layers
      • Fabric Monorapport - to accommodate the lens adjustment the picture needs to be at least 4 cms greater in width than the fabric width.
      • Orientation of picture (landscape/ portrait/ diagonal/ lakefront/ right/ above / below) should be indicated here if required


      Carousel Print Requirement:

      • Print on product
      • Max size of print is 50 x 70 cms
      • SMYK colour space mode
      • TIF format required

       Embroidery Requirements:

      • Pattern in DST format
      • Specify exact position on garment


      No.7 - Collaboration with Educational Facilities


               This Scheme is ideally suited to All Undergraduate,
               Post Graduate and Diploma Students of Art & Design
               or Interior Design Education Program
               Press here