Exclusive Textile Grant Scheme for the Retail, Hospitality & Leisure Industries

The Textile Grant Scheme offers:

- Excellent credit terms
- Access to a simple cost effective method of identifying your best seller
- A sustainable solution to crippling stock balances
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The Textile Grant Scheme:

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How to grow a business from a box with financial support and a clever way to manage stock balance   

This is a business model being delivered by The Nugent Linen Company in partnership with Orsha Linen Mill (OLM) the largest linen mill in Europe-Estb.1930.

The Nugent Linen Company have been appointed by OLM as their agents in Europe.

Based on OLMs research into the struggles of small textile businesses they have identified stock balance credit and cash flow shortage as the main issues that prevent business growth and development.

The Textile Grant Scheme (TGS) is being offered by OLM through The Nugent Linen Company, as a business development tool to grow OLMs presence in Europe in partnership with Irish / European businesses - so as Orsha Linen Mill (OLM) grows its presence here, the Grant Scheme users (GSU) business grows hand in hand.


What are the USPs

*Minimal outlay
Excellent credit terms make this a viable option for any business wishing to increase its turnover with minimal risk. The GSU can use our money to promote and develop their business instead of it being tied up in crippling stock balances.💶💶

*Varied Monthly Stock
The monthly delivery of A Retailers Choice Box helps the retailer to quickly identify the best selling products without having to invest in multiples of the same product 🌟

* Option to Extend existing contract once you identify your best seller. 👏
* New concept of managing stock balance - no crippling stock balances 💡
* An Opportunity to stock Sustainable luxury products at affordable prices that will bring lots of health benefits that your customers will love. 🌍

Who is eligible ?

Retailers and members of the Hospitality and Leisure Industries who are Interested in working with or selling Flax linen products and want to increase their profitability while having the chance to bring premium quality products with a host of well-being qualities to their customers.

Eligibility is assessed and awarded by OLM when their criteria are satisfied ?


How does it work ?


 Choose your contract

If you want to add another box of product such as throws, or children’s blankets a new Extension Contract is issued as above and works in the same way.

If RRP isn’t correct and sales are not happening by end of month 2 a new contract is issued with reduced RRP for 2 months.

Collect stock and contract ends.

We review the initial contract and amend for a reduced RRP say by up to 50%.

 If by end of 11 th month product is left unsold we will collect it from you terminate the contract and donate to charity or send to our partner plant to be recycled.



To apply Textiles Grant:

Press Here to Download Application FormPlease scan the completed form and email to info.nugentlinen@gmail.com